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All artwork copyright © 2015 Jonathan Carter


Art48 has been set up by artist Jonathan Carter
– known to most as Joff. (That's me.)

The home studio at number 48 was created by my late parents: Howard, a well-known artist and wood carver, and Joan, a painter of enviable talent in the vein of Elizabeth Blackadder.

Having obtained a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration, I established myself as a painter and illustrator before sidestepping into the world of commercial graphic/print production for a number of years.

YoungJoff2The lure of white spirit and oil paint proved too hard to resist, though, and in 2010 I returned to my roots as a decorative artist, delighted to discover that my stint in digital media has completely reinvigorated the way I work.

This time around I'm taking the opportunity to explore new subjects, most notably classic cars and historic motor sport; while quite a departure from my signature wooden panels and architectural paintings, the results are still ‘quintessentially Carter’.

YoungJoffMy passion for classic cars and bikes has been nurtured from boyhood, ever since dad took to restoring vintage motorcycles in the ’70s. In the early ’90s he moved from two wheels to four, buying a ’59 Alfa Giulietta Spider – almost fully restored and ready to roll. With yours truly a willing co-driver, we attended classic events up and down the country, ogling C-types, DBRs and Dinos, getting high on Castrol R. When the Goodwood Revival was founded in 1998, it's safe to say all our Christmases came at once…


St Martin’s and Bath schools of art, BA (Hons) Graphic Design/Illustration.


Worked as painter and illustrator, specialising in architectural studies and highly decorative animal ‘icons’ painted on reclaimed wooden panels. During this time I exhibited extensively around the country, selling work to collectors in the UK, US, France, Italy and Australia.


With the arrival of digital technology, I changed direction, setting up and then managing the UK pre-press studio for a well-known US mail order company. Along the way I became a specialist in colour management, photo retouching and print production.


Seeing the potential for combining print-and- pixel expertise with my traditional paint-and-pencils background, I founded Art48 and work once more as a full-time artist.

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