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All artwork copyright © 2015 Jonathan Carter

About Art48 Limited Edition Giclée Prints

When anyone with a half-decent printer can reproduce any picture at the push of a button (copyright permitting), bung it in a frame and call it art, do please remember: all prints are not created equal.

Art48 prints are produced individually to order, in strictly limited, numbered editions – by me, here in the studio, using the very latest professional 12-colour large format print technology. As the artist, it's deeply satisfying to have complete control over the finished piece, not least because it calls on my expertise in colour management and reprographics.

With this knowledge and equipment at my disposal, I'm able to create archival giclée prints to my exact specification, ensuring every nuance in colour, texture, contrast and tonality is captured with pinpoint accuracy.

If you're wondering what makes a print 'archival', it's largely down to two things: ink and paper. Both must be of superior quality – inks stable in UV light and resistant to water, papers acid-free and manufactured without wood pulp (which yellows over time). These and other factors combine to create printed artworks with exceptional life expectancy, destined to remain fresh and vibrant for at least 100 years. 

I print exclusively with archival inks, and use certified archival art paper from Hahnemühle –
one of the world's foremost makers.


Print Framing

Generally, while my originals are offered as framed works of art, Art48 prints will be supplied unframed. This way the choice of mount(s) and moulding will be entirely up to you.

However, I will be very happy to assist with framing suggestions and if desired, I can arrange to have a bespoke frame made for your print at extra cost. My frames are hand-built by a local company accredited by the Fine Art Trade Guild, and usually take between one and two weeks to complete if the moulding is a 'special order' (like the frame I use for my originals).

Please contact me to discuss your requirements or for further information.

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